Build cross-border relationships you can trust

Elucidate provides Buna’s network of participants a unified framework to accommodate their relationships to their own risk appetite.

Make your processes easier and more effective with data-driven analysis and insights.

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Elucidate & Buna Partnership

Buna is a cross-border payment system owned by the Arab Monetary Fund enabling financial institutions and central banks, in the Arab region and beyond, to send and receive payments, in local currencies as well as key international currencies, in a safe, cost-effective, risk-controlled and transparent environment. Buna offers participants modern payment solutions that comply with the highest international standards of information security and requirements against financial crime.

We have partnered with Buna to facilitate cross-border payments with increased transparency and trust across the Middle East and North Africa.

Your Advantages

Understand your institution's and your counterparty bank's financial crime risk profiles with a standardised rating.
Save time and resources in your due diligence with simple and insightful reports on your counterparties.
Respond and adapt to individual risk appetites across multiple regions with one unified framework.

An automated, data-driven approach that helps you:

  • Enhance your institution's financial crime risk ratings
  • Mitigate financial crime risk in your network relationships
  • Increase transparency within your network

In-depth reports to optimise your financial crime due diligence processes

Elucidate's model analyses up to 1200 data points and provides a clear and structured report with actionable insights for your team to reduce time and resources.

Risk visualisations to set individual thresholds based on your own risk appetite

Our standardised framework allows you to objectively evaluate institutions across nine risk themes and respond to individual risk appetites across the region.

Test the power of the Elucidate model

Elucidate's Financial Crime Risk Monitor is the largest public database for financial crime risk scores on the planet.
Search your bank's financial crime risk report.
"We are working with Elucidate to enhance the transparency and the risk rating of Buna participants so that the community can accommodate their relationships to their own risk appetite."

Manuel Iglesias - Chief Risk & Compliance Officer (CRCO)
The Arab Regional Payments, Clearing and Settlement Organization (ARPCSO/BUNA)
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Build a network that matches your risk appetite

Increase opportunity in the MENA region and leverage all of the Buna network benefits with a unified framework to manage financial crime risk appetite across jurisdictions.

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