Your counterparty requested to see your FinCrime Risk Profile

Dear Aimee Jordan and Pratik Shinde,

Sahil Arora from ANZ BANKING GROUP LTD has requested that you provide the Elucidate FinCrime Index (EFI) Assessment results for Bank Of America, N.A. The EFI is the only regulated benchmark for independent financial crime risk assessment.

Your EFI results will provide you and, should you opt to release your results, ANZ BANKING GROUP LTD with quantified reporting and metrics on your financial crime risk exposure. Following your first completed assessment, you will be assigned an EFI rating which reflects the level of residual financial crime risk faced by your institution.

Additional detail on the EFI assessment methodology is available here. A detailed White Paper is also available on request.

To respond to this nomination, contact the Elucidate team either by responding to this message. Alternatively, the team is available for a call or videoconference to discuss the EFI process and to demonstrate the platform.

Thank you and welcome to the EFI!

Elucidate FinCrime Index