Evaluating data, illuminating risk

Trillions are spent on fighting illicit finance with little evidence that it is working.
Elucidate provides a transparent, robust and data-based platform to manage and price financial crime risk.
We provide the clarity and incentives to win the fight on crime.

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To rid the earth of Financial Crime

The proceeds of financial crime fund some of the biggest challenges confronting the environment and humanity today, including terrorism, human trafficking, wildlife poaching and drug smuggling.

For regulators, financial crime remains a huge impediment to building fair, efficient and inclusive markets

Every year, Banks spend
3% of revenues
to Manage Financial Crime Risk
Despite this, the UN estimates that
less than 1%
of financial crime is prevented.

Our platform

Banking relationships in the financial system are built upon trust and trust requires transparency. Elucidate uses technology to provide banks with the level of objectivity and transparency needed to build confident relations within the global financial system. 

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