From Bi-Annual to Monthly Risk Assessments

Achieve clear scoring and articulation of risk at a fraction of the costs

Our leading Asian Pacific bank client was able to increase its review cycle frequency from bi-annual reviews to monthly reviews with less work, costs and time involved with our help.

Learn how we helped our client achieve this and more!

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Reduction in Costs


More Data Inputs


KYC Review Cycle Optimisation

Client’s Problem:

Review cycles for higher-risk counterparties were only performed bi-annually due to the manual KYC/DD processes involved. This was costly for the business, time-consuming for the compliance team and threatened its business relationships through exposed risk.

Our Challenge:

Increase review cycles, reduce exposed risk and support the compliance team’s productivity without additional costs or time involved in risk assessments.

Our Solution:

Review cycles are now performed monthly, at a reduced manual compliance team effort and are no longer reliant on the subjectiveness of the KYC/EDD process.

Download our case study to learn how we helped the team achieve clear scoring and articulation of risk for their portfolio banks, at a fraction of the costs.

Are your risk assessments occurring yearly or bi-annually?

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