Affiliates Risk Monitor

Avoid bad surprises and monitor your affiliates' financial crime risk levels

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Use the EFI to monitor the levels of financial crime risk carried by your domestic and foreign branches and subsidiaries. The platform enables you to set and monitor risk tolerance levels across your organisation.  

Use the remediation tool to assign and track remediation actions to any segment within your organisation.


Limited knowledge of local operations and residual financial crime risk levels

Fragmented governance across the corporate structure and jurisdictions

Financial crime risk management absent from senior management scorecards

Inconsistent levels of transparency into local operations, leaving the whole business vulnerable to the effects of nefarious actors



Comprehensive and continuous assessment of inherent risk and control effectiveness within affiliates


Evidencing strong governance and oversight at the HQ and subsidiary level, across multiple jurisdictions


Setting clear performance indicators for financial crime risk management


Creating unprecedented transparency across your corporate structure

Implement a continuous KYC policy with monthly risk assessments.
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