Counterparty Risk Monitor

Expand your business safely using benchmarked risk profiles of over 18,000 FIs

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Use the EFI Platform to request access to the risk profile of about 18k financial institutions around the globe.

Use the information shared with you to make portfolio and market expansion and strategy decision, etc.

The problem

Costs sunk into sales, onboarding and due diligence only to decide not to onboard due to financial crime risk

Reliance is placed on unsubstantiated voluntary disclosures that may not represent an accurate, comprehensive view of the risk

Risk tolerance is inconsistently understood and seen as bendable in the market

Our solution


Limit sunk costs by using the analysis provided through the platform to prospect new clients and expand your portfolio


Facilitate new correspondent relationships based on trust and transparency


Position yourself competitively in the market by setting clear risk tolerance levels

Implement a continuous KYC policy with monthly risk assessments.
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