FI Enhanced Due Diligence Automation

Control your due diligence costs through automation

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Use the EFI to automate Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) on counterparty Financial Insitutions, leveraging the full universe of KYC and transactional data available to your institution.

The risk assessment methodology underlying the EFI is regulated in the European Union and Validated using both EU and US Regulatory Standards.

The EDD is automatically refreshed on a monthly basis and includes screening of the transactions processed.

The problem

Opaque and lengthy EDD cycles using limited data sets

Inconsistent customer onboarding experience and requirements

Expensive, slow and inefficient processes drive up costs and limit profit opportunities

Lost opportunities to expand client and product portfolio due to lack of clarity on risk profiles

Constant friction between compliance and business teams as there is no 'shared and objective' view of risk

Our solution


Upgrading to an automated monthly EDD cycle across your portfolio of financial institutions


Applying consistent and thorough risk assessment to all your counterparty financial institutions


Lowering Onboarding and Compliance costs


Setting clear risk tolerance levels across your portfolio of financial institutions


Creating shared metrics for Compliance and Business to work effectively together

Implement a continuous KYC policy with monthly risk assessments.
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