Risk Assessment Automation

Uncover and mitigate financial crime risks in real-time

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Use the EFI Platform to automate your Enterprise-Wide Financial Crime Risk Assessment (EWRA), covering all aspects of your business.

ESMA European Securities and Markets Authority

The methodology underlying the EFI is regulated in the European Union and validated using both EU and US Regulatory Standards.

The platform includes a remediation tool to log and track mitigation actions resulting from the risk assessment.

The problem

Manual information collection through surveys and spreadsheets

Time consuming and costly process performed every 12 to 18 months

No direct and measurable link between decisions, actions and residual risk

Periodic assessment of risk leaving potential blind spots

Lack of consensus around levels of financial crime risk limiting mitigation capability

Our solution

Data-driven and technology-enabled risk-based approach

Upgrading to a 360°, continuous automated FinCrime Risk Assessment

Measuring the impact of actions taken to manage risk

Engaging in continuous monitoring and mitigation of financial crime risks

Creating shared metrics for Compliance and Business to work effectively together

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