Verification via SMS or voice message


Login to the EFI Platform

Set up a new password via the invitation email you received.

If you already set up your password, access to login to your account.

The SMS or voice message setup will start after the login.


Type in your phone number

If you are using SMS, provide your mobile phone number.

If you are using voice message,  provide a phone number you can answer to right after clicking on "Continue".

Don't leave the screen while you wait for your verification code.


Type in the 6-digit code

Type in the code you received via SMS or that was provided to you via phone call.

If you don't want to repeat this process daily on the machine you are using, select the "Remember this browser" option before continuing.


Write down your recovery code

You should write down your recovery code somewhere safe.

This code can be used any time you need to do the 2-step verification and don't have access to your device.