We are Elucidate

A dedicated collective of technology and data science experts committed to safeguarding the integrity of financial systems worldwide.
Our expertise lies in deploying AI and machine learning algorithms to enhance data and risk management workflows, empowering financial institutions to improve their operational frameworks.

Our strategic insight fosters robust relationships with banking partners who instill trust in their operations. We invite you to discover our innovative approach to integrated Risk and Data Ops today!
Founder story
Shane Riedel, CEO and co-founder of Elucidate, shares his journey from leading financial crime compliance in banking to innovating in financial crime risk management. He underscores the need for systemic solutions akin to a Moody’s for financial crime risk, a vision that led to the creation of Elucidate.
Journey of Elucidate
Elucidate developed a financial crime risk model approved by BaFin and ESMA, becoming the sole regulated standard in the field, with a vision to analyze over 2 billion payments in 2024 for detailed risk assessments.
Meet our leadership
Shane Riedel
Co-Founder & CEO
Filipe Garcia
Co-Founder & CTO
Our advisors
The experience of Elucidate’s Advisors spans across financial crime risk management, industry-wide risk regulation, cutting edge tech and global sales,
Jeannette Lichner
Ex-Managing Director Bank of America and Non Executive Director at FCA
David Lewis
Ex-Executive Secretary at the FATF
Our customers
Elucidate’s financial crime risk solutions, originally designed for banks, now serve a broad spectrum of clients including major banks, sovereign wealth funds, payment providers, and crypto exchanges, all united in managing financial crime risk under global regulations.
Why our customers love us
Elucidate revolutionizes risk and compliance operations with efficient, data-driven risk assessment tools, sparing teams from manual methodologies and extensive reporting, while fostering commercial growth through trust and transparency in financial partnerships. Customers celebrate not just risk management, but also the commercial opportunities unlocked by Elucidate, exemplifying a truly valuable ROI.
Work with us
Partner with Elucidate: Elevate risk management with AI-driven insights and unlock global growth opportunities. Together, we’ll pave the way for seamless expansion and inclusivity.
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