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Elucidate is a ratings and data analysis company for financial crime risk

Banks across the world use our products to establish, manage, and delight their Correspondent Banking Partners, generating new opportunities and business growth.

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Transform financial crime risk management from a liability to an opportunity

Increase revenue or improve your network access adapting the standard credit risk analysis approach for financial crime risk.

Achieve Enhanced Due Diligence confidence with Simplified Due Diligence effort

Turn every institution's risk analysis into an in-depth report, regardless of risk profile, all with the minimal effort and resource of a simplified assessment.

“Elucidate enriches our internal analyses with additional external data-based assessments. This raises the discussion with our clients to a new qualitatively and quantitatively improved level and makes our compliance framework even more robust.”

Valerie Brunner / Group Head of Institutional Clients, Raiffeisen Bank

Speak a common language for your due diligence requests, internally and externally

Align internal and external stakeholders under the same framework across the three lines of defence with standardised scoring and comprehensive risk reports.

Speed-up information collection and establish successful relationships faster

Whether you are evaluating or being evaluated, streamline your information sharing and gathering process. Save time and costs for you and your counterparties.

Rethinking financial crime risk through the credit rating lens

Thanks to correspondent banking, global economic growth has seen an exponential increase in the last century.

But with this growth, financial institutions became exposed to increasingly sophisticated financial crime risk and an ever growing complex regulation landscape.

Business growth and risk management have always struggled to coexist, creating a pervasive incentive structure that prevents banks from tackling financial crime at a systemic level without hurting their business results.

At Elucidate we build products to change this. By leveraging the credit rating agencies' approach, which financial institutions are familiar with, we are building a new holistic approach to how financial crime risk is viewed and mitigated.

Not only does our approach enable lawful behaviour, it transforms it into higher revenues, and a fairer and more transparent system.

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