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Sanctions and regulations have made business growth increasingly more complex. Elucidate enables your front and back office teams to work together smoothly, making it easier to serve your customers while minimizing risk.
The market benchmark for risk and risk pricing
Elucidate is a ratings and data analysis company for financial institutions
Banks across the world use our products to establish, manage, and delight their banking relationships, generating new opportunities and business growth.
Better banking relationship with low effort and less risk
Build relationships and create new opportunities with data-driven risk analysis.
A unified framework across the three lines of defence
Speak a common language for your due diligence across your front and back office.
Effortless Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) for all entities
Turn every institution's risk assessment into an in-depth report for more accurate business decisions.
Automated data point analysis and risk reports
Assess and be assessed. Save time and costs for you and your counterparties.
Our products
Elucidate provides financial Institutions with two core products:
Ratings and Risk Pricing
Elucidate's Ratings product offers financial crime risk ratings, intelligence, and analytical tools to small, medium, and global banks.

Apply data-driven analysis to rate the financial crime risk profiles of banks through industry-wide standardized scoring,and bring the credit-risk approach to financial crime risk.
Industry-wide standardized scoring
Establish a uniform risk framework for your organization and compare the risk levels of different institutions within the industry.
Monthly reports with nine risk categories
Obtain regular, detailed insights in a user-friendly format into an institution's risks and weaknesses through the analysis of transactional data.
Comparison charts with filtering and segmentation
Assess and understand market risk appetites and align your business objectives accordingly.
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Risk Pricing
Elucidate's Risk Pricing product enables the pricing of financial crime risk for Cross-Border Payments

Start making decisions through objective data analysis, while generating new revenue by charging respondents fees based on risk exposure rather than volume.
Transaction-level monitoring of risk profiles for bank relationships
Gain instant understanding of market risk profiles and outliers within your portfolio
Pricing differentiation according to risk levels and risk appetite
Build commercial growth action plans and determine accurate pricing based on your risk appetite
Customised summary reports of risk metrics for correspondent relationships
Use objective data analysis to make decisions and benefit from reduced costs or increased revenue
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Regulated Benchmark
Regulated Benchmark
Elucidate GmbH is an authorised Benchmark Administrator under the EU Benchmarking Regulation (BMR) on the ESMA register and is overseen by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) in Germany.
Iso Certified
ISO027001:2013 Certification
We hold an ISO 27001:2013 certification covering our data security, technology, legal compliance and human resources.
GDPR compliant
GDPR Compliant
We have a comprehensive compliance framework to adhere to GDPR and store data exclusively in certified and secure facilities in the European Union.
”Elucidate enriches our internal analyses with additional external data-based assessments. This raises the discussion with our clients to a new qualitatively and quantitatively improved level and makes our compliance framework even more robust.”
Valerie Brunner
Group Head of Institutional Clients at Raiffeisen Bank
Rethink financial crime risk through the credit rating lens
Inspired by the credit rating agency approach we've built a comprehensive method for evaluating and mitigating the risk of financial crime through data-based insights and standardized risk profiles.

Our Ratings and Risk Pricing products enable your business and revenue growth, while promoting lawful behavior and contributing to a fairer and more transparent system.
Solutions for every size
Discover how Elucidate can help you whether you are a global, regional or domestic bank.
Network banks
Maximize your growth potential and streamline your operations.

Our products help you strengthen your portfolio of clients, maintain regulatory compliance, and manage risk effortlessly.

Easily assess and respond to regulatory and sanctions requirements for each client in your network, and incorporate transactional risk into your pricing strategy for a more comprehensive approach to risk management.
"Elucidate also developed a scoring model, and brought substantial transparency into the behaviour of our downstream respondent banks, this was exactly what we needed, because not only our clearing partners but also regulators were asking us to do this."
Christoph Lehner
Head of Group Compliance, Raiffeisen Bank International
Domestic banks
Reduce your front office and compliance teams workload with automated risk assessments and access to market data.

Compare your institution against the market standard, prioritize resources towards key performance metrics and expand to new markets establishing new correspondent relationships.
"It's always very easy to present the right paperwork and choose the right examples to present to your correspondent banks, your counterparty stakeholders, whoever they may be. With Elucidate you've actually got a full 360 view and you're going in depth into the database which you cannot manipulate."
Miguel Attard
Head of Compliance & AML, Sparkasse Bank Malta
Data-driven market insights for smarter decisions
All our products are powered by the only regulated financial crime risk benchmark in the market.
Banks covered globally
Data points analyzed per bank report
Data sources feeding our model
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