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Maximize your growth potential and streamline your operations
Our products help you strengthen your portfolio of clients, maintain regulatory compliance, and manage risk effortlessly.

Easily assess and respond to regulatory and sanctions requirements for each client in your network, and incorporate transactional risk into your pricing strategy for a more comprehensive approach to risk management.
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Ratings & Risk Pricing
Financial infrastructure for today's finance landscape
Elucidate's mission is to build the market infrastructure for how public and private institutions make decisions and manage financial crime risk.
Price transaction's risk into your products and services
With enhanced risk assessments and detailed reports for each of your clients you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the risk levels across your entire portfolio. Use these risk scores to differentiate pricing, creating a new revenue stream from your riskier clients.
Comply instantly with new regulations and sanctions
Direct your attention towards tasks that focus on growing your business, and rest easy knowing that your risk and compliance framework is constantly being updated to stay current with regulations and sanctions as they arise.
Obtain enhanced risk profiles for every client in your network
Achieve the confidence of enhanced due diligence with low effort and resources with automated processes. Turn every institution's analysis into an in-depth report, regardless of risk profile, with minimal effort and time investment from your team.
"At the moment we have a very good framework and our USD clearing partners refer to us as the blueprint for transparency and quality. A big contribution to this was delivered by Elucidate."
Christoph Lehner
Head of Group Compliance at Raiffeisen Bank
Our products
Elucidate provides Financial Institutions with two core products:
Ratings and Risk Pricing
Elucidate's Ratings product offers financial crime risk ratings, intelligence, and analytical tools to small, medium, and global banks.

Apply data-driven analysis to rate the financial crime risk profiles of banks through industry-wide standardized scoring,and bring the credit-risk approach to financial crime risk.
Industry-wide standardized scoring
Establish a uniform risk framework for your organization and compare the risk levels of different institutions within the industry.
Monthly reports with nine risk categories
Obtain regular, detailed insights in a user-friendly format into an institution's risks and weaknesses through the analysis of transactional data.
Comparison charts with filtering and segmentation
Assess and understand market risk appetites and align your business objectives accordingly.
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Risk Pricing
Elucidate's Risk Pricing product enables the pricing of financial crime risk for Cross-Border Payments

Start making decisions through objective data analysis, while generating new revenue by charging respondents fees based on risk exposure rather than volume.
Transaction-level monitoring of risk profiles for bank relationships
Gain instant understanding of market risk profiles and outliers within your portfolio
Pricing differentiation according to risk levels and risk appetite
Build commercial growth action plans and determine accurate pricing based on your risk appetite
Customised summary reports of risk metrics for correspondent relationships
Use objective data analysis to make decisions and benefit from reduced costs or increased revenue
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