Portfolio Assessment Tool:
Redefine Risk with Precision

Harness the rigor of credit-risk modeling for a cutting-edge approach to financial crime risk with our Portfolio Assessment Tool. Our platform translates complex data into definitive risk profiles and scores, setting a new standard for financial institution assessment.
Refined Risk Scoring for Financial Portfolios
Harness the rigor of credit risk modeling in your risk management operations with our Portfolio Assessment Tool by applying a data-driven approach to distill comprehensive risk profiles and uniform scores for financial entities in your portfolio.

Think credit-risk precision for financial institutions.
Insightful Portfolio Evaluation
Navigate banking relationships with unprecedented clarity using our data-driven risk assessments.

The Portfolio Assessment Tool equips you with a harmonized risk language and facilitates collaboration across teams.

Our standardized approach helps you define your risk appetite and benchmarks your processes against the industry norm.
Unimodel Use Case for Asset Management
One of Europe’s largest Sovereign Wealth Funds and investment funds globally has incorporated Elucidate’s Portfolio Assessment Tool to enhance its risk management capabilities. This sophisticated tool enables the fund to conduct comprehensive financial crime risk assessments across its expansive global investment portfolio and to have a standardized scoring system that facilitates precise evaluations and comparisons of risk levels across different portfolio companies in the financial sector. This enhanced risk assessment capability allows the Sovereign Wealth Fund to preemptively address vulnerabilities and mitigate potential financial losses that stem from tail risk in investing in the financial sector. In taking a proactive approach to tracking and managing financial crime risks, the fund can anticipate any tail risk in its portfolio companies and improve the performance of its investments. This proactive approach to risk management solidifies the fund’s reputation as a responsible and forward-thinking investor that is committed to maintaining the highest standards of investment integrity and fiscal prudence, and a responsible global investor.
Elitza Kavrakova, Group Head Institutional Clients at Raiffeisen Bank International AG, shares her experience working with the Portfolio Assessment Tool.
Elitza Kavrakova
Group Head Institutional Clients at Raiffeisen Bank International AG
Benchmarked Risk Scoring Engine
Drive your risk assessments with our certified scoring engine, a confluence of detailed data analysis and advanced machine learning. Elucidate, authorized by Germany's BaFin and the European Securities and Markets Authority, ensures your risk scoring aligns with the highest regulatory standards for financial entities.
  • Command trust with transparent and substantiated risk scores.
  • Mitigate decision-making risks through our external benchmarking.
  • Stay regulatory-compliant with our dynamic risk scoring updates.
Dynamic Risk Reporting
Craft monthly risk narratives that capture the essence of your financial portfolio's health. Our reports bridge institutional analysis with operational insights, arming you with a robust evaluation tool.
  • Transform raw transactional data into actionable intelligence.
  • Pinpoint and prioritize areas for operational enhancement.
  • Track organizational or portfolio evolution to inform your risk strategy.
Competitive Analytics and Market Positioning
Equip your teams with potent analytical tools, turning data into deep market insights. Our platform enriches decision-making, from front-line business development to compliance oversight, by transcending traditional analysis methods.
  • Define risk appetites with market-informed data insights.
  • Identify and act on business opportunities that match your portfolio's risk profile.
  • Develop commercial strategies in tandem with your institution’s risk benchmarks.
Seamless Reporting Integration
Access Elucidate's risk scores and analyses in formats that seamlessly integrate with your operational ecosystem.
  • Navigate reports through our web-based platform for instant insights.
  • Integrate analysis directly into your systems with our API.
  • Customize and extend analyses with CSV exports.
  • Present and share findings using our structured PDF reports.
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