Sanctions and War:
the impact to financial institutions in a complex landscape

A guide to managing relationships and reducing risk

On the 24th of February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, wreaking havoc on the nation and its people, whilst broader repercussions have been felt globally, including seismic changes in inflation and supply chain disruptions.

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increase in imposed sanctions since the Obama administration


sanctioned individuals across US, UK, EU, Canada and AU (2022)


sanctioned entities across US, UK, EU, Canada and AU (2022)
Sanctions and War: the impact to financial institutions in a complex landscape

E-book overview: managing sanctions risk

Many entities, vessels and individuals worldwide have been sanctioned due to the war and for failing to comply with regulations, which impacts compliance, risk and relationship teams responsible for managing this ever-shifting and complex political landscape. As sanctions increase in number and impact markets, financial institutions need to determine how sanctions will affect their institutions, risk exposure, revenue, and partnerships.

The current sanctions environment is complex and fast-moving, showing little sign of slowing down in light of the current geopolitical issues and tensions.

In this guide you will find:
  • The global sanctions landscape; from sanctioned institutions to regulatory violations
  • Processes and requirements for managing sanctions
  • The operational and technological challenges of managing sanctions
  • How to determine your sanctions risk exposure
  • The benefits of effective sanctions management
  • The Elucidate FinCrime Index (EFI) and how it supports sanctions risk management.

Improve your risk assessment process with a new data driven approach and bring trust to your compliance.