Rethinking the
Financial Crime Risk Framework

Network intelligence for transparent and effective compliance

Financial institutions spend globally over US$200 billion on financial crime compliance every year. However, despite the increasing sums of money being allocated and the efforts of global law enforcement, the existing framework for managing AML is grossly underperforming.

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of global GDP is laundered every year


of the money laundered remains with criminal gangs


spent annually by institutions in EMEA on AML compliance

An open and transparent approach to financial crime risk

To address the challenges presented by the existing flawed AML framework, a new approach is needed.

An approach that provides a way for financial crime risk to be benchmarked in an open way to leverage the network of correspondent banking relationships.

In this paper you will find:
  • In-depth analysis of the problems with the current risk-based approach to combat money laundering and terrorist finance activity.
  • The benefits of migrating to a network based approach moving from bilateral to interconnected relationships.
  • How the Elucidate Fincrime Index (EFI), a new data driven approach to managing financial crime risk makes it possible.

Improve your risk assessment process with a new data driven approach and bring trust to your compliance.