Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Elucidate FinCrime Index (EFI)?
How does the EFI differ from the status quo?
Does the EFI replace transaction monitoring or sanctions screening?
Why does the EFI revise scores monthly?
Where can I find information on the EFI model?


Who can use the EFI platform?
How can my institution subscribe to the platform?
How can I become a user of the platform?


What data is needed to run the EFI?
Do we need to provide all data for the EFI to function?
Can I use my own methodology?
Can you produce bespoke reports?
Can the platform be integrated with my internal systems?
Can the platform be customised?
How is the data provided to the platform?


What security protocols are in place?
Is data encrypted?
What is “fingerprinting”?
Where and how is data stored?
Is my data shared with third parties?
Browser support


How many entities are using the EFI?
How can I know which of my counterparties are using the EFI?
Can I share my results with my counterparties?
Can I request my counterparties to be assessed and scored?
Will correspondent banks accept the EFI results?
Are correspondent banks using the EFI?