Adopt the credit-risk approach for financial crime risk

Elucidate Ratings applies data-driven analysis to build financial crime risk profiles and standardized scoring for financial institutions.

Think of the credit-risk approach you know, but for FIs.
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Data-driven risk assessments for trusted banking relationships
Eliminate internal and external friction in relationships with a shared framework for risk analysis. Elucidate Ratings allows organizations and teams to speak a common language and collaborate more effectively.

Standardized ratings enable you to set clear risk tolerance levels across your network portfolio or assess your internal processes to compare yourself against the industry standard.
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Regulated scoring engine
Our core intelligence engine leverages data analysis and machine learning to score financial crime risk, providing a comparable and comprehensive view of risk for Financial Institutions and Regulators.

Elucidate GmbH is an authorised Benchmark Administrator under the EU Benchmarking Regulation (BMR) on the ESMA register and is overseen by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) in Germany.
Gain confidence by ensuring transparent and justifiable risk assessments
Reduce corporate and personal exposure on high risk decisions through external validation
Minimize the likelihood of regulatory actions with a continuously up-to-date analysis process
Monthly report with scores and analysis across 9 themes
Create comprehensive monthly risk reports for your own assessment or the banks in your portfolio. Discover insights at every level, from broad institutional overview to specific operational details.
Easily understandable insights obtained from transactional data instead of manual investigation and due diligence
Identify specific areas where your institution or portfolio is underperforming and prioritize them accordingly
Evaluate an organization's performance over time, whether it's a short or long period, to comprehend its progress
Industry comparison charts, filtering and segmentation
Equip your team with powerful visualizations, market insights, and data analysis. Increase efficiency in both front and back office operations enhancing spreadsheet capabilities with data analysis automation.
Establish a risk appetite for your institution based on data, and gain insight into risk appetites in the market
Identify business opportunities within segments and determine potential prospects based on market standards
Develop strategies for commercial growth that align with your bank's risk appetite and characteristics
Choose the format that better fits your current infrastructure
Access Elucidate's report and transactional analysis in the format that best suits your needs.

- Web-based app: Explore reports directly in your browser
- API: Integrate directly to your banking software
- CSV: Export results into your own spreadsheets for analysis
- PDF: Present structured and clear visualizations for decks and meetings
Need to improve your bank's risk profile?
Learn how our risk analysis can help.
”With Elucidate you've actually got a full 360 view and you're going in depth into the database which you cannot manipulate.”
Miguel Attard
Head of Compliance & AML at Sparkasse Bank Malta
Analyze your institution or your client portfolio
Our Ratings product allows for comparison and analysis at all levels and stages, enabling you to enhance internal processes and controls, as well as evaluate and oversee your client portfolio.
Ongoing monitoring
Enhance risk mitigation with ongoing monitoring for every bank's risk profile
Reduced friction
Speak a common language and unify the risk framework for your teams and across institutions
Consistent compliance
Ensure that your compliance procedures always meet or exceed industry standards.
Competitive analysis
Compare yourself to others globally or in your region to understand your performance
Zoom-in and out
Assess yourself on the operational level or obtain a company-wide perspective as needed.
Automated processes
Boost productivity replacing manual processes and analysis with automation
Market segmentation
Instant overview and understanding of markets or segments to identify outliers
Data visualizations
Graphic interface for rapid data analysis and visual overview matrix of institution's risk per category
For Network Banks
Provide better guidance to your respondent banks with transparent, objective and clear risk appetite setting. Implement ongoing and timely communication with your clients and reduce risks in payment transactions across your portfolio.
Build objective risk appetites at management level and implement it across your portfolio
Develop commercial expansion plans that align with your bank's risk appetite
Solutions for Network Banks
For Domestic Banks
Access a transparent data source to understand market and correspondent bank risk appetites. Identify areas to target in order to meet specific risk appetites and delight your correspondent banking relationships.
Identify root factors contributing to underperformance on specific key risks
Understand risk appetites in the market and create effective improvements plans across teams
Solutions for Domestic Banks
The first company subject to regulatory oversight for a financial crime risk benchmark
Our scoring engine, the Elucidate FinCrime Index (EFI), sets the standard for financial institutions to score and price the risks of money laundering, corruption, tax evasion, trafficking, terrorist financing and more.
Nine scores across a range of risk categories, enable a nuanced FinCrime risk analysis utilizing more than 1200 data points and multiple data sources.
Thanks to external oversight and regulations, you can trust the the impartiality and accuracy of the EFI's scores.
Benchmarking regulation mitigates the risk of manipulation by addressing conflicts of interest, governance controls and the use of discretion in the process.
With a clear and documented methodology, you have detailed insights in how scores are calculated
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Discover a better way to manage your correspondent network
Access new markets and generate more business opportunities with trusted banking relationships.