Financial Crime Risk Pricing

From volume-based to risk-based pricing of payments

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The methodology underlying the EFI is regulated for this purpose in the European Union and Validated using both EU and US Regulatory Standards.

Use the only regulated financial crime risk benchmark to price global payments and correspondent banking services.

The problem

Risky bank pays less and less the more it exposes its counterparties to financial crime risk, creating the wrong incentives

Desire for growth and higher revenues often at odds with the need for thorough compliance and controls

No tangible incentivisation in place for FI's to leverage the mitigation of FinCrime Risk, in their business relationships

Business model disconnected from financial crime risk management as it is treated as a matter of strict compliance

Plans to expand business are regarded as directly opposed to financial crime risk mitigation

Our solution


Moving from volume-based pricing to risk-based pricing


Building transparency into your business' pricing model


Providing real incentives for your counterparty FIs to manage financial crime risk


Securing your business by favouring responsible, safe, and profitable clients


Benchmarking FI relationships to build robust and safe market expansion strategies

Implement a continuous KYC policy with monthly risk assessments.
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