Introducing risk based pricing for FI relationships, payments and trade financeIntroducing risk based fees for your cross-border payments

Elucidate's Risk Pricing introduces a new business model to determine the cost of bank's service fees based on the potential of financial crime risk, improving their relationships through increased transparency and fairness.
About Risk Pricing
A fair and sustainable business model for the finance industry
Inspired by the credit rating agency approach we've built a comprehensive method for evaluating and mitigating the risk of financial crime through data-based insights and standardized risk profiles.

Our Ratings and Risk Pricing products enable your business and revenue growth, while promoting lawful behavior and contributing to a fairer and more transparent system.
Correspondent banks:
Offset costs of risk controls
With risk-based pricing, correspondent banks are not required to de-risk whole markets, as they have the tools to evaluate the risk and price fees accordingly. This approach not only creates the potential for new revenue, but also offsets risk management costs.
Create a new revenue stream by offsetting the cost of controls to the point of origin while reducing the risk of your portfolio
Obtain transparency of your exposure to risk and set different levels of risk tranches and pricing based on risk appetite
Improve the experience of your client portfolio by reducing friction and subjectivity, and smoothening price conversations
Respondent banks:
Obtain fair and transparent price structures
The risk pricing approach offers respondent banks a level of transparency and information they had never accessed before. Banks buying correspondent services can now learn and understand how and why they are paying certain fees at different rates and how to reduce them.
Obtain a common understanding of risk with correspondents, learn how this affects your fees and make decisions through objective data analysis
Be rewarded for your financial crime mitigation efforts with lower fees and more access to services
Secure your correspondent relationships and get direction on areas with the greatest improvement potential
Improve client experience with higher revenues.
A more profitable but fair revenue model is possible.
Split transactions into tranches according to your appetite
Transactions analyzed are split into three tranches based on their financial crime risk scores by Elucidate’s algorithm. These tranches can be tailored to match your institution's risk tolerance, allowing you to manage different relationships accordingly.
Implement reliable and accurate pricing based on risk tranches
Every payment you process is different from each other and so should your transaction fees. Use your portfolio tranches for price adjustments according to the risk of institutions and transactions.
Differentiate your clients pricing and reward good behaviour
With Risk Pricing for financial institutions, unlock a new revenue model based on risk exposure rather than volume. Expand your business while also improving your portfolio relationships through increased transparency and fairness.
Ongoing monitoring
Enhance risk mitigation with ongoing monitoring for every bank's risk profile
Reduced friction
Speak a common language and unify the risk framework for your teams and across institutions
Consistent compliance
Ensure that your compliance procedures always meet or exceed industry standards.
Competitive analysis
Compare yourself to others globally or in your region to understand your performance
Zoom-in and out
Assess yourself on the operational level or obtain a company-wide perspective as needed.
Automated processes
Boost productivity replacing manual processes and analysis with automation
Elucidate's risk pricing scoring
Using machine learning to deliver a financial crime risk score subject to pricing per financial institution, account, or transaction
Multi-level analysis for assured quality score results
Elucidate's risk pricing algorithm calculates and analyses financial crime risk into relevant risk metrics to deliver a FinCrime Risk Score subject to pricing per financial institution, account, or transaction.

This score is based on three variables:
Elucidate FinCrime Index (EFI) Rating
Calculated based on nine themes and generates a rating per financial institution. Read the whitepaper
Data Completeness Assessment Value (ISO 20022)
Level of the data quality for transaction data fields key to compliance with FATF recommendation and ISO 20022
Advanced Transaction Assessment
A risk overlay value generated based on financial crime typologies, anomalous flows, customer base risk, Nesting
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Implement risk based pricing for your portfolio
Talk to our team and get a sample of how your current price and revenue would be impacted based on risk exposure