Correspondent Banking Risk Monitor

Control and monitor correspondent banking FinCrime risk

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Automated monitoring and reporting of a wide range of Correspondent Banking Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) against tailored risk tolerance thresholds.

State-of-the-art visualisation or risk-relevant data across your FI portfolio.

The problem

Expensive, long review cycles using limited data sets

De-risking and onboarding decisions driven by ad hoc and subjective assessment of risks

No tangible incentivisation in place for FI's to leverage the mitigation of FinCrime Risk, in their business relationships

Business model disconnected from financial crime risk management as it is treated as a matter of strict compliance

Lack of consistency in the customer onboarding and KYC/DD requirements across the portfolio

Onerous due diligence process even when financial crime risk is limited

Our solution


Automate the holistic assessment of the risk associated with your portoflio of financial institutions


Inform strategic portfolio decisions on the basis of objective and data-driven correspondent risk scoring


Implement differential pricing for counterparties based on risk tolerance and holistic go-to market strategy


Cut through the noise and focus on key risk indicators and metrics relevant to your specific strategy and control environment


Consistent, cost-efficient compliance programme across your financial institution portfolio


Automate SWIFT RMA due diligence

Implement a continuous KYC policy with monthly risk assessments.
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