Ensuring Data Quality in Every Transaction

Elucidate's Data Completeness module lays the groundwork for impeccable data quality, confirming that every transaction is fully documented and aligned with ISO 20022 and FATF Recommendation 16 standards.
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Key benefits
Historical Transaction Tracking
Improve your risk assessment accuracy with our module's tracking, which reveals the full backstory of the flows between two entities, enabling a thorough grasp of transactional relationships.
Predictive Analytical Networking
With our sophisticated ML algorithms, trace the financial DNA of transactions to detect underlying patterns between interconnected entities. By analyzing shared transactional histories, we empower you with predictive insights that could redefine your risk management strategies.
Granular Transaction Feature Analysis
Delve deeper with our analysis of transaction frequency, volume, and value, key indicators that provide a granular look at transactional behavior, and its implications for your risk framework.
Enhanced STP Rates
By improving the clarity and coherence of transactional data, our module significantly enhances the rate of straight-through processing (STP). This efficiency boost not only accelerates transaction times but also minimizes manual interventions, streamlining your operational workflow.
Deploying Elucidate’s Data Completeness module
The first step in a modular journey towards an integrated, holistic view of your organization's transactional health. Start with what you need, and expand as you go, for a fully scalable solution that adapts to your evolving risk management landscape.