Advanced Insights Through GenAI

The Investigative Analysis module revolutionizes how financial institutions investigate and understand their transactional landscapes. At the heart of this innovative tool is a GenAI layer, transforming data analysis into an interactive, dynamic dialogue between you and the intelligence that powers your financial insights.
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Key benefits
Conversational Intelligence
Directly engage with our sophisticated GenAI system to navigate through your data. Whether pinpointing dormant accounts or revealing obscure transactional connections, the module's conversational interface allows you to articulate investigative queries in natural language, making complex data analysis as simple as asking a question.
Intelligent Question Framing
Beyond answering queries, our GenAI proactively assists in shaping your investigative questions, ensuring that each inquiry is precisely tailored to uncover the most relevant insights.
Customizable Analytical Models
Dive into the depth of your data without ever touching a line of code. With access to a no-code regression model, you can define the parameters of your investigation, from identifying risk exposure to spotting emerging trends, all through intuitive text prompts.
Leverage the module's ability
To sift through extensive databases, applying machine learning models to extract patterns and insights that inform your strategic decisions.